Marumata Shikki Boutique

History of the Marumata Shikki Boutique

Kiyoshi Ito establishes the company
The Marumata Shiiki Boutique opens at its present location (Shikko-machi, Kiso-Hirasawa, Shiojiri-city, Nagano Prefecture)
Adherence experimentation of metal and lacquer. Creation of 'Urushi-makie-sage-dokei' Successful solution to the problem of metal and lacquer adherence. The boutiques is entrusted by the then Suwa Seiko, current Seiko Epson.
The proposed design of the lacquered medal for the Nagano Olympic Games is adopted.
Creation of the quality music box 'Healing Treasured Box'
Creation and release of the mechanical lacquered watch 'Sun and Moon' by original brand NICHIGETSU
Creation of a lacquered helmet as a supplementary prize for the Super Car Race.

A job born out of encounters

The calligraphy 'Ichi-go-ichi-e' (meaning 'once in a life time') on the portal of this website is the last thing my father wrote before his death. 'Cherish the encounter with people and things! '. He, who loved human beings in any circumstance, left these words to our family. More than thirty years have passed since I started this business and during this period, I met numerous people and encountered many things. And I don't know how much power and healing they gave me! Recently, I became fully convinced that my job is just an extension of those encounters. Although I am over fifty year old, I still experience new findings every day, and I learn by repeating trial and error every day. I will continue to cherish and enjoy encounters, and I will keep devoting myself to this job.

Autumn 2015
At the renewal of web site

In the quaint boutique


  • Marumata Shikki-ten
  • 1800 Kisohirasawa, Shiojiri City
  • Nagano 399-6302
  • TEL : (81) 264-34-2115
  • FAX : (81) 264-34-3620